Growth Marketing Manager

Job description

We are an international IT company with a 10 years background with the head office in San Diego, California; Miami, Florida; Krakow, and Kyiv.

We have huge expertise in these fields: Digital Marketing (Email-Marketing, Media Buying, Affiliate coordination) and Software development. Our clients include several large firms here in the USA, including working with promotions related to people like Bill O’Reilly (huge fox news personality), Newt Greenwich (former speaker of House), and many other top USA companies.

We believe in people, passion, desire to make a difference, and dig deeper until the gold is found. Internal motivation and an amazing team are the main sources of success, therefore, we aspire to connect with like-minded experts to create and develop awesome things together!


  • Understanding all operating processes (during the absence of Team Leader or Marketing Director Growth Marketing Manager should manage the work of the team).

  • Tracking of key points of control of the team, TL report:

a. Interaction with team analyst;

b. Performing operational tasks within the team;

c. Control of compliance with critical requirements: can-spam act, SSL, address;

d. Capsule Maintenance Quality Control (SLA): order on capsules, work with base, segments, templates, cleaning of inactive, etc.;

e.Control of the generation and purchase of new domains, interaction with Dom Ops.

  • Support the team members (on the operating system);

  • Performing personal tasks and command goals from MD;

  • Mentoring of Intern/Junior Specialists (especially beginners);

  • Board control (for part of his team), flushing Daily Mailing;

  • Developing current and new directions by Email marketing.

Job requirements

How looks like our perfect Growth Marketing Manager:

  • Responsible (high level of responsibility);

  • Meets the deadlines for completion of tasks;

  • Stress resistant;Β 

  • Can successfully close tasks;

  • Interested in developing himself and the department;

  • Can build time management, prioritize tasks;

  • Flexibility and creativity (courage to make decisions and to take responsibility for them);

  • Be able to set tasks with DDL, DOD;

  • Check, and give feedback to the executor;

  • Result-oriented person;

  • Can train newcomers (hard & soft skills).


1. Your professional and personal development:

πŸ™‹ Multinational and intercultural experience;

πŸ“š Corporate library;

πŸ’ͺ A world-class team to work with;

πŸŽ“ Growth opportunities;

πŸ’» Cutting-edge frameworks and technologies;

2. Well-being:

πŸ’° Competitive salary;

πŸ’Š Health insurance after one-year of cooperation;

🎳 Common team activities(football, basketball, tennis, play board games almost every Friday, PS5);

🎁 Bonuses accordingly to the policy;

🧘 Work-life balance;

3. Working environment:

🏒 Cozy office in the heart of Kyiv ( Podil) ;

πŸ₯ͺ Coffee, tea, Red Bull, sweets, fruits, and the fridge full of snacks;

🏑 Remote work when needed;

🧐 Adequate teammates;

We are looking for the right-hand man, the Deputy Marketing Director, who will monitor the teams and operational moments, and influence the growth of the department and products.

It should lead the team to achieve objectives and results!